TBird’s Radio Network, is an independent, internet radio station established in May of 2007.

Our broadcast is transmitted live from Evansville, Indiana.

We’re officially licensed for broadcasting through StreamLicensing.

Our sole mission is to stream and broadcast great radio programming each and every calendar day.

Our hope is that TBird’s Radio Network, will become one of your favorite spots on the web.

It’s real radio, for real radio lovers. Great music, great radio!

Did you know you can also listen to us on your iPhone and/or Android device?

Simply download and install the StreamLicensing app and immediately begin listening to our station!

You can read the complete description of the StreamLicensing app and see screenshots on the Android Market by clicking here.

This app is a real gem and completely free. Download it today and plug into your favorite set of headphones or speakers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Once installed, you can tune us in by opening the app, clicking on the search function, and typing in the first five letters of our name, tbird. Once our station appears on your screen, push our logo or play button and immediately begin enjoying our broadcast! 

* Our daily programming schedule is subject to change without notice.